Louisiana’s Guide to the Top Big Game Fish


The legendary quality of Louisiana offshore fishing has made it of the state’s premier attractions. If you are searching for the best quality big game fish, you will find them right here in the Pelican State. Whether you’re interested in local Gulf charter fishing or in serious Gulf deep sea fishing, you’re bound to find top notch conditions for your favorite offshore activity.


No matter what kind of big game fish you may be interested in, you’re sure to find some of the finest examples in the world. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most famous big game species to be discovered in the realm of Louisiana offshore fishing.


Yellowfin Tuna


Louisiana has long been known as one of the premier spots for Gulf Coast deep sea fishing. If you’re ready to reel in one of the state’s best known and loved specimens, it’s time to set your sights on the Yellowfin tuna. There is no seasonal limit on finding the mighty Yellowfin tuna. It can be caught all year round, even in the deep winter season.


If you really want to find the Yellowfin in all of its natural abundance, you’ve got to try the Midnight Lump. This is the name given to a large salt dome also known as the Sackett Bank. The Lump can be found roughly 50 miles off the Venice coast. It can also be accessed about 21 miles away from where the mouth of the Mississippi River is found. If you’ve never fished the Midnight Lump before, you’re in for a major treat.


Blue Marlin


Planning on reeling in the mighty Blue Marlin? Get ready for the fight of your life. This heavyweight champion is one of the major highlights of the Louisiana Gulf fishing scene. When your Marlin breaks the water upon being hooked, you’d best be prepared for a lot of nervous nail biting and heavy duty line wrangling.


Unlike the Yellowfin, the Marlin is very much a seasonal visitor. If you want to get hooked on the thrill of the chase, you need to be in Louisiana during the late spring and mid-summer, roughly May through July.


Finding the Marlin is a true Gulf deep sea fishing odyssey. You won’t find them in the shallows. They prefer to congregate in major numbers some 15 to 100 miles off the coast. Once you’re in their territory, you can spot the Blue Marlin on the surface of the water surface. Look for them in the vicinity of Port Fourchon, Grand Isle and Venice.


Louisiana Swordfish


One of the acknowledged main prizes of Louisiana fishing is the legendary Swordfish. This classic deep sea creature is one of the fiercest and tastiest morsels known to anglers all over the southern United States. But if you want to find the choicest catch, you’ve got to come to Louisiana.


The Swordfish is a close relative of the Blue Marlin. However, some major differences in appearance and character will apply. The bill of the Swordfish is completely flat, making it a different proposition from the classic round-billed Marlin. However, like its cousin, the Swordfish is a lover of the deeps. They may feed from the top of the water column but you will rarely encounter them anywhere near the surface.


There are several areas throughout the entire Gulf Region of Louisiana where the Swordfish can easily be found. However, your best bet for a prime Louisiana Gulf charter fishing experience is to look for them very near to the Gulf itself by the mouth of the Mississippi River delta.


Dolphin Fish


One of the most legendary denizens of the Louisiana offshore deeps is the Dolphin Fish, aka the Dorado or the Mahi Mahi. If you’re in search of a long, thrilling chase, this is the fish that will more than fit the bill. The Dolphin fish is known all over the southeastern United States for the fight it gives once hooked. It will try to break off your hook by doing multiple tail walks and breaking the water.


The Mahi Mahi is well known for being a ferocious challenge. However, you should also be aware that it swims in schools. This means that, even if you lose one, you have a fighting chance at another example of its breed in the nearby water. This agreeable sociability gives the Dolphin fish its timeless appeal to serious sport fishing enthusiasts.


May to June is the best time to hunt for the mighty Dolphin fish. You can find them in great numbers off the coast of Venice coast, usually about 12 to 60 miles from the shore. You can also find them in abundance in places such as Grand Isle and Port Fouchon.




Unlike the Dolphin fish, you won’t find the Wahoo swimming in schools. In fact, you may be lucky to find them at all. Their range in the state of Louisiana is restricted to the areas just off the north Gulf coast. Furthermore, the time for finding them in relative abundance is generally restricted to some strange times of the year, generally January, February, and June.


If you want to try your luck at hooking yourself a Wahoo, it’s a good idea to try in the area 15 to 30 miles north of the coastal shores of Venice. The Wahoo is known for its awesome fighting strength once hooked. While some rookie anglers may mistake it at first for a Mackerel, once you have a Wahoo on the hook, you’ll quickly know the difference. The Wahoo puts up a much fiercer and longer lasting fight.