3 Qualities of a Great Charter Fishing Captain

Whether you’re a fishing pro or it’s your first time out on the water, when you charter a fishing tour, you want to be certain that your charter fishing captain has your best interest in mind. After all, the captain is there to do a lot more than just point out fish and tell you the difference between Swordfish and Marlin. There are many amazing charters around the world, and part of what makes them so great and worthy of telling a story is the captain that puts the trip together. When you’re thinking of reserving a fishing charter in the Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere, look for these qualities in your potential captain to ensure you’re paying for a trip that’s easily going to be memorable. 

1. Passion, Experience, and Rating

Many fishing captains know that chartering a trip means money in their pocket, but an amazing experience doesn’t rely solely on the amount of time a captain’s spent on the water. When learning about your potential charter, read up on the reviews left by previous fishers. With a great fishing captain, these small notes will be doting on their ability to make the trip something special and help define their best qualities.

Things like years of experience on the water, familiarity of the location you’re wanting to fish at, and how sincere the captain was will be easy to find in the comments. These stories will be from real people rating real trips, which is extremely helpful if you’re uncertain on who to book your next charter with. Additionally, the review section is where you’ll get to learn about the captain’s personality. You’ll be able to learn if they were passionate about previous trips, well versed with types of lures and baits, and how much they were willing to make the charter a teaching opportunity for those just looking for an adventure.

2. Friendliness and Social Skill 

The truth is that nobody likes a captain with few words. It’s unhelpful for beginners and it can make fishing with a stranger feel a little awkward. Some of the best captains on the water have mastered the charm of being friendly and overcome the challenges of incredible social service. You want a captain that’s honest, willing to break down the steps of certain fish you can be on the lookout for, and somebody that’s going to hold a conversation with you throughout your trip. 

3. You Deserve More Than the Bare Minimum

It may seem like focusing on amenities that a fishing charter offers would be an obvious go-to, but you’ll be shocked to find that many charters don’t offer more than your very basic gear. This leaves a lot of people experiencing a subpar fishing trip. At first, it might feel like you’re asking for a lot if you’ve had experience with a captain that wanted to offer the bare minimum, but many great charter fishing captains go above and beyond with taking care of their tours.

From making sure fishing licenses are up to date, bait and reels are prepared, and even sometimes offering a shaded area or section of the boat to sit, re-hydrate, and relax should you be out on the water for a while – these small amenities are part of what makes fishing trips worth coming back to. Don’t be afraid to ask for a trip that accommodates you, and if a captain isn’t willing or able to provide more than the bare minimum, you may want to keep searching. 

Book a Gulf of Mexico Charter Fishing  Today

Book a Gulf of Mexico Charter Fishing  Today

A great captain will do more than the bare minimum to ensure you have the fishing trip of a lifetime. They’ll take you to the best locations, be aware of their surroundings, and act as a guiding hand when it comes to all things fishing. To reserve the trip of a lifetime, contact us today. Our crew provides Louisiana’s greatest offshore fishing charters, and we strive to constantly be learning new local patterns so that we can provide you with an experience you’ll never forget.