Fishing in Louisiana


The Bayou State is a wonderful place to visit. It has a mix of cultures, great music and delicious food. It shouldn't surprise you if you fall in love with fishing in Louisiana. It's a part of local culture, much like jazz or jambalaya. It is as varied as Louisiana, with freshwater and saltwater fisheries

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One of the biggest requests for a blog topic has been the Gulf of Mexico Tilefish. This is not a sport fish that is exclusive to this region. However, it can definitely be found in deep, cold waters in the Gulf area. It's a fun fish to catch and it's as tasty to snack




It is during the colder months that pogie fish, also known as Gulf Menhaden, spawn and feed offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. These fish are the most abundant bait fish around. Pogies numbers are awe-inspiring, numbering in the millions. They swim in massive, silvery schools that attract many predator species. “The abundance of pogie

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3 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Tell the Difference Between a Marlin and Swordfish


The Billfish Family You can't talk about the differences of swordfish vs marlin without talking about their similarities first. Both marlin and swordfish are members of the esteemed billfish family and popular among Louisiana fishing charters. Billfish are one of the most advanced animals on the planet. Billfish are highly migratory and spend their lives

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