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Why has Venice, LA earned the nickname “The End of the World”? Because Venice is the last community in Louisiana that can be accessed by an automobile! You’ll find Venice 75 miles south of New Orleans on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Right at the end of the Great River Road, which runs

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Fishing in Louisiana


Fishing in Louisiana The Bayou State is a wonderful place to visit. It’s a mix of cultures, great music and delicious food. It shouldn’t surprise you if you fall in love with Louisiana fishing.  It’s a part of local culture, much like jazz or jambalaya. It’s as varied as Louisiana, with freshwater and saltwater fisheries

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Understanding Offshore Fishing Regulations


Welcome to the world of offshore fishing. Where the thrill of reeling in big catches meets the responsibility of preserving our marine resources. As anglers, it's essential for us to understand and follow the fishing regulations that govern our activities on the water.  So we'll explore the importance of compliance and responsible fishing practices to

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Offshore Fishing Techniques for Reeling in Big Catches


Are you ready to level up your fishing game and embark on an exhilarating offshore adventure? Picture yourself casting your line into the vast open waters. The anticipation building as you wait for that thrilling tug on your rod. Offshore fishing offers a world of excitement, where you can target big game fish and challenge

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