The Art of Catching Yellowfin Tuna

Captain Troy Wetzel has been chartering his fishing boats from the Venice Marina in Plaquemines Parish, La.  for over 25 years.  He is currently the oldest and wisest of all the captains working out of Venice.   In fact, it is most likely that each of the captains working out of the Venice Marina has started out as Capt. Troy’s deckhand at one time or another.


“It is important to know that yellowfin have great eyesight and can see the fishing line.”


Catching The Big Tuna


Captain Troy has been asked many, many times to share his tips and tricks for catching yellowfin tuna.  Captain Troy’s response is that yellowfin tuna are very tricky.


He says, “It is important to know that yellowfin have great eyesight and can see the fishing line.”  He also adds that it helps to know that these fish have to eat often, and feed every three hours in order to keep up their speed.


“Keeping up their speed is crucial so that they do not fall prey to sharks on the hunt.  Yellowfin maintain their speed in order to out swim any shark,”  says Captain Troy.


The Captain, who is a popular choice for tuna fishing charters in the Gulf, also likes to share his knowledge of three good methods of catching yellowfin tuna with bait at the Venice Marina:


  • Toss 10-12 live bait out with a hook into -2 bait, and you will have great success.
  • Chumming is when you cut up ten pieces of bait and throw it into the water.  The hook should be inside the bait so that the fish will not see where the line is cut and tied to the hook.  This makes a very big difference when you are fishing in blue water.
  • Kite fishing is a method of fishing that involves bouncing bait on top of the water so that they do not even see the line.


There are many more tips and tricks to come, so be sure to frequent our blog and learn from the best of the best at Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters.  If you are ready for the offshore fishing trip of a lifetime, you can book your next fishing charter online today!


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