catching yellowfin tuna in the gulf of mexico Charter Fishing Comes Back Strong

Dealing with Hurricanes and Tropical storms is part of living here in South Louisiana. We know that there is a give and take to being able to say we live in the “Sportsman’s Paradise”.  In August of 2017, the forecast for the Atlantic Basin was to expect above-average named storms to make landfall along the gulf coast. Our neighbors to our left and right, took the worst of the landfalls this season, not leaving South Louisiana untouched. Venice, Louisiana Fishing After Storm Season 2017 shows fishing charters are staying booked.

Venice Fishing After Storm Season

Finally, the end of November marks the end of Hurricane Season.  Venice, LA Charter Fishing Captains are sending in good reports.  Have no worries when choosing Venice fishing charter destinations, our camps and lodges are open and in good repair. Many Charter Fleets in Venice, LA have had their boats updated and are ready to take advantage of the post storm aggressive “bite” off shore.

Fall and winter fishing in Venice, LA is probably one of the hottest seasons all year, let alone coming off an active tropical season like we just experienced.  A tropical event, typically turns the heat up on the fishing in Venice, LA.  Local guides in Venice will tell you that the fish can feel the barometric pressure dropping through their swim bladders before the storm.  They realize when the danger has passed over and it is safe to return.

Venice, Louisiana Fishing After Storm Season 2017 & BIG Tuna

Off shore fishing following a tropical storm or hurricane, is prime from the time the barometric pressure begins to drop, until it bottoms out.  The days following a tropical weather event, the deeper water species of fish; such as the Grouper and Snapper, return hungry.  BIG Yellowfin Tuna will always return as the storm heads out, sending anglers scrambling to get a piece of the action.

Trash or Treasure

As much as we hate cleaning up our camps & waterways after the storm season, the debris left floating in gulf after a storm adds to the aggressiveness of the bite. If you can get on both the tail end of the storm, and find some debris to fish, the bait won’t drop down out of eyesight before the excitement begins.  Does the answer lay in the baitfish taking shelter under the debris, or the larger fish looking to see if the storm debris is edible?  Since the only thing we can count on is the bite, we won’t bother to ask why.

Louisiana fishing charters

Fishing the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico can be dangerous without a severe weather threat, so never risk your safety to test the timing of the bite during a storm. When the Venice, LA tropics cool down, the fishing heats up but knowing that tropical weather can linger on into December is important. Our professional fishing guides here in Venice will keep an eye on the weather, knowing that safety always comes first when booking your trip.