On any given day now in the South Louisiana waters, you will not only see women fishing with their significant others, but launching their own boats.  Gone are the days of men keeping the joys of fishing all to themselves, and somewhere, along the way us women “caught” on.  

Fishing was shared with me as a young child.  My brother would take me out fishing winter, spring, summer & fall.  And ladies, when your older brother is teaching you to fish, you best bet you will be able to tie on your tackle, bait your hook, reel it in, and put that fish in the ice chest.  

Respect Is Earned

After meeting my now husband, it was not more than an hour into the first date that I asked the obvious question, the one that would determine if there would even be a second date, “do you fish?”.   Let’s just say, he gave the right answer and we said, “I do” on the shore of the blue gulf waters.  I quickly became his favorite fishing partner.

Today, my husband will tell anyone that will listen he would rather fish with me any day than a grouchy old man.  I did have to prove myself worthy though right from the start.  See ladies, respect on the water, is earned.  It is in no way cute to a serious angler to have a lady on the boat who needs everything done for her. Show a man you can not only handle yourself, but be some help to him with the boat, bait & catch, and trust me, he will be bragging to all his friends in no time.  

Times A Changin’

I know most of my female friend’s fish also.  You know how the saying goes, “birds of a feather, flock together”. I wanted to see if the cast net of female anglers was even larger than I had thought.  I also have noticed that us fishing chicks are doing more at the launch, and with the boat.  So yesterday, I decided to interview a few of the ladies through Social Media, to see if my hunch was right.  

I decided my research would begin with asking the ladies out there, six simple questions:
  1. Do you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing?  
  2. Are you capable of pulling, trailering & operating a boat?  
  3. If so, what size boat do you run?
  4. Do you tie on your own tack, bait your hook, and remove your fish?
  5. Do you clean the days catch?
  6. I even asked the ladies about their wardrobe.  You know we are flooded with young hot chicks in bikinis fishing all over the internet, but, we choose what we wear just same as the men do, how dang hot or cold it is that day?  
Fishing in Louisiana

Tess Boudreaux Breaux fishing in Louisiana

My inbox began to ding immediately, I knew these ladies were just waiting to be asked.   Gals as young as teens sharing fish tales of fishing beside their high school sweethearts, to the older ladies who are masters of the sport. Though the amount of responsibility each one shared with their guy may differ slightly, one thing was common across the board.  These gals fish not just to spend quality time with their significant other, but they truly enjoyed the sport themselves.  I would also bet, if they had a crisis and had to get that boat out & onto the trailer, they are all capable.  Here are a few of the responses, and each lady was proud to let me use their name:

Lisa T.  

 “I Fish mostly Leesville & Fourchon area, but have fished the Rigolets also. We fresh water fish on occasion also. I can operate the boat. Back the trailer up?….that’s a no! Lol! , I pull it out after Ralph loads it.  I can drive any type of fishing boat! And no…. I do not clean fish’. Lol!”   

Samantha C.

 “Leesville, Grand Isle, Slidell, & Laplace.  I prefer inshore saltwater fishing and froggin! I usually wear a bathing suit and if I start to burn, I’ll throw on a t-shirt. Yes, 2-prefer inshore saltwater fishing and freshwater frogging. I usually wear a bathing suit and when I’m feeling burnt I’ll put on a t-shirt. I can pull, launch, drive and trailer a boat. Max size 24ft but only because I’ve never had the option for larger.”     

Terry C.

 “We freshwater fish. We fish at Toledo Bend, but just bought a camp off of Belle River, Lake Verret area. I bait, remove all but the catfish, I help a little from time to time cleaning but most of the time, NO. I can pull the boat and I will put it in the water if there aren’t a lot of boats waiting to get in and out. And, yes, you can use my name.”  

Personally, huge props to Samantha C. for even doing a lil froggin.  I, like Sam here, will start in my swimsuit in the summer, till my skin begins to burn.  Now fellas, for the most part us female anglers are not what you see on the internet to lure you into a website.  We dress for comfort and not vanity.  With so many options now available in women’s fishing apparel, it’s easy to find what you feel most comfortabl