3 Top Lures for Louisiana’s Gulf Coast

With countless lures available for fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, narrowing your selections down to three types will help you to get the bigger fish and gain the experience needed to draw in those monsters from out of hiding. Although there are hundreds of lures to choose from, by narrowing the list to three, you won’t get frustrated or overwhelmed when you make the call to the Louisiana offshore fishing charter captain to book your next fishing excursion.


Choosing the Right Jigs to Catch Bigger Fish

Make no mistake about it, the charter boat captain can lead you to where the monster fish are hiding, but he can’t reel them in the boat for you. The jig consists of nothing more than a weighted head that is attached to a hook, allowing you to attach the soft bait of your choice to the body or trailer of the jig. The jig will be cast far away from the charter boat, then followed by occasional jerking of the rod tip. This movement is the key to attracting the bass or redfish hiding around the oil rigs or bridge pillars because it simulates the fish falling and rising the water column. This simulation of an injured fish is the dinner bell to hungry fish, and the predators will come in fast to take action before another fish gets the free meal. Regardless if the charter boat fishing captain has taken you offshore or inshore, you will have little trouble reeling in snapper, redfish, bass, and sea trout, with your jigs. The jigs are ideal in rough seas too, even high winds will not negatively affect the movement of the jig on the water.


Although this is one of the most popular lure types used out in the basin of the Mississippi, many anglers don’t use the jigs correctly and come home empty-handed. Although you fee