Offshore Fishing Captains


Captain Troy Wetzel

Captain Troy loves what he does, and does what he loves! He was born and raised in Southeast Louisiana, which is known for being a sportsman’s paradise. As a small child, he used to play on the shores of the waterways near his home, catching turtles, fishing, and crabbing. He grew up playing football in the position of middle linebacker for the nationally acclaimed John Curtis Christian School. Despite the recruiting efforts of many top universities, Captain Troy decided to attend Tulane University, a local college, to remain close to his family and friends, and play football for Tulane. After graduation, he tried out for the National Football League, but injuries prevented him for playing for the league.

Shortly after graduation, Captain Troy bought his first boat. A group of spear-fishermen from the Hell-Divers chartered his boat to go spear fish out at the rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Fascinated by this sport, Captain Troy became an exceptional diver and master spear-fisherman. While he continued to charter his boat to divers and anglers, he obtained his 100 ton Masters Captain’s license from the United States Coast Guard.

Captain Troy has spent more than 20 years perfecting his skills as an offshore fisherman, fishing guide, and superior spear-fisherman. He holds both state and world records, both personally and professionally from his boat. Captain Troy’s goal for every charter is to catch the most fish and the largest fish! He loves what he does, and it shows!


Captain John Duplass

John has grown up in South Louisiana. Since he was a small boy, he has been an avid fisherman. His first memory of fishing Venice was when he was 4 and went fishing with his dad. He attended and graduated from Holy Cross High School. Because of his deep passion for fishing, John decided that after graduation he would begin working in the charter fishing industry, making a living doing what he loves. He spent more than 5 years working with other captains, deckhanding, and learning everything he could about charter fishing, the Gulf of Mexico and its fisheries. During that time, he married his high school sweetheart, Katie, and they had a son, who shares John’s love and passion for fishing.

In 2014, John became a licensed charter fishing captain. He has worked with Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters since that time. John fishes both offshore and inshore, and absolutely enjoys sharing his passion for fishing with his clients!


Captain Andre Boudreau

Catching big fish best fishing charterBorn and raised in South Louisiana, Captain Andre grew up fishing and hunting the Marshes of Louisiana. As a teenager, Andre worked as a deckhand for 4 years before leaving for college. Andre attended and graduated from the University of Louisiana Lafayette in 2008. He returned home and began his fishing career. After fishing on his own for numerous years, Andre began working with Louisiana Offshore Fishing Charters in 2014.

Andre has fished the South American and Central American waters, and has  competed in and won Billfish & Tuna Fishing Tournaments. Andre is also an avid inshore fisherman, duck hunter, and deer hunter. He is a true sportsman. Andre knows South Louisiana waters like his own back yard, which is great for anglers who fish with him. He loves what he does, and it shows!



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Our Fishing Vessels

Kingfish II – This vessel is a 36’ Twin Vee with Pilothouse. It is a cat hull boat, which handles amazingly in offshore waters. It has a small cabin and a covered deck to protect anglers from the elements. It also has bean bag chairs, top of the line electronics and radar, a private head and more.








K3 – This vessel is a 36′ Yellowfin and the standard in offshore fishing vessels. This boat is equipped with triple 300 Yamaha outboards, and will get you fishing quickly. It also has top of the line electronics and radar, and a private head.



King Fish –  This vessel is a 40′ x 18′ custom boat designed by Captain Troy and built by Dave Sintes Fiberglass Designs. It is equipped with 4 queen bunk beds, air conditioning, a private head and shower, a bbq pit and many more comforts. It is also equipped with top of the line electronics and radar.