Fishing The Gulf Coast


Louisiana Gulf Coast And The Fishing It Offers With over 3,000 miles of coastline, Louisiana's waters are naturally teeming with fish. The state also has one of the most generous catch limits in the nation, which adds to its appeal as a sport fishing destination. Perhaps best of all is that there is no one

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3 Top Lures for Fishing Louisiana’s Gulf Coast


3 Top Lures for Louisiana’s Gulf Coast With countless lures available for fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, narrowing your selections down to three types will help you to get the bigger fish and gain the experience needed to draw in those monsters from out of hiding. Although there are hundreds of lures to choose

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Catching Swordfish out of Venice LA


  Swordfish - The Bite is On...   Fishing out of Venice, Louisiana for Swordfish during the day is no easy task. If you want to land a Swordfish, it would be wise to go fishing with a professional fishing charter that knows how to catch them. There are specific ways to bait a hook

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Yellowfin Tuna Rigs


This time of year, anglers enjoy fishing the Rip Line outside of Venice, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico. The Rip should produce action-packed fishing now through August.  Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, usually larger in size, Blue Marlin, and Mahi Mahi can be caught when fishing the grass mats. Mahi Mahi should be showing up any

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Tips and Tricks for Tuna Fishing in Louisiana Gulf Coast Waters


Tips and Tricks for Tuna FishingTuna fishing in any water can be quite an experience, but fishing with Captain Troy Wetzel is a once in a lifetime experience. Yellowfin Tuna in the Gulf can reach record sizes and if your fishing with Captain Troy he is sure to provide visitors a thrill that will last

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Catching Yellowfin Tuna out of Venice LA


  Catching Yellowfin Tuna with Captain Troy out of Venice LA For more information on day and night offshore fishing charters please visit our Charters Page. For inquiries or to book a reservation for lodging and/or fishing charters, please visit our contact page.

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Venice, Louisiana Fishing After Storm Season 2017


Charter Fishing Comes Back StrongDealing with Hurricanes and Tropical storms is part of living here in South Louisiana. We know that there is a give and take to being able to say we live in the “Sportsman’s Paradise”.  In August of 2017, the forecast for the Atlantic Basin was to expect above-average named storms to

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Charter Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna Out of Venice LA


Charter Fishing For Yellowfin TunaCharter fishing continues to soar in popularity across the Gulf Coast region. In fact, deep sea fishing is a great way to enjoy the open waters with friends and loved ones. One of the more popular charter fishing tours is in the Gulf of Mexico for Yellowfin tuna. So many corporate

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Women Fishing


On any given day now in the South Louisiana waters, you will not only see women fishing with their significant others, but launching their own boats.  Gone are the days of men keeping the joys of fishing all to themselves, and somewhere, along the way us women “caught” on.  Fishing was shared with me as

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