Why has Venice, LA earned the nickname “The End of the World”? Because Venice is the last community in Louisiana that can be accessed by an automobile! You’ll find Venice 75 miles south of New Orleans on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Right at the end of the Great River Road, which runs almost the entirety of the United States, north to south. 

Venice is a fishing community. So much so that virtually the entire economy of the community is based around the fishing industry. Although inshore fishing is popular in much of Louisiana, in Venice offshore fishing is king. There’s no question that Venice offers world class offshore and deep sea fishing charters.

Venice is located in Plaquemines Parish (parish is Louisiana for “county”). The parish includes land on either side of the Mississippi River and stretches from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico. 

It is only one of two parishes that have kept the same boundaries since they were established in 1807. The population is just over 23,000 as of 2020.


Venice Marina

Port Complex, Venice, Louisiana

Take an Offshore Fishing Charter!

You can’t visit Venice without taking an offshore fishing charter.  In Venice, LA, fishing boats are more common than automobiles.  Although Yellowfin Tuna fishing draws people from all over the world, they’re not the only game in town. There are many trophy fish that can be caught in the Gulf of Mexico.  

While Venice, LA fishing charters run year-round, the catch is seasonal. Contact Captain Troy to see what’s biting and to book your next Venice fishing charter.

Sure, the entire state is known for the famous Louisiana fishing. But Venice is considered the top of the top, the cream of the crop and the cherry on top. This is proven by the fishing rodeos held annually.

Many species of fish migrate or live in the waters off the coast of the Venice area. The Gulf of Mexico sees a broad migration of species including:

No matter your experience level, if you’re into angling, fishing in Venice is an experience you’ll never forget.

Go Duck Hunting

Did you know that Venice offers some of the best duck hunting in the world? You’ll just need a hunting license and a guide. 

  • Teal season: September 14-29
  • Big Ducks: November 16 – December 8
  • Closed: December 9-20
  • Big Ducks: December 21 – January 26

Checkout Venice duck hunting guide services

Visit Historic Places

In addition to perfectly representing Louisiana’s Sportsman’s Paradise moniker, Venice is surrounded by important American history.

Fort Jackson

About 14 miles upriver from Venice, Fort Jackson is a historic masonry fort located in Buras-Triumph. It’s a star-shaped pentagon and is surrounded by a moat. Constructed between 1822 and 1832, it served as a coastal defense of New Orleans. 

It was also a battle site during the American Civil War, and a National Historic Landmark.

Inside the Battlements of Historic Fort Jackson

Inside the Battlements of Historic Fort Jackson

Find Fruits, Veggies, and Seafood

The produce in most markets is usually local and is both organic and regular. Farmer’s markets are located in Venice and the surrounding areas, and the growers often come to the market. 

In addition, citrus fruits grow abundantly. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and satsumas are all grown commercially. The  Plaquemines Parish Orange Festival is usually the first full weekend of December in the nearby town of Buras.

Local Activities

While Venice is known for world-class fishing and boating, people in the area enjoy many activities. Tourists who vacation in the state find the outdoor opportunities stunning in this region because of how close everything is to the water.

Kite Fishing

In addition to the traditional methods, Venice offers the opportunity for kite fishing trips as well. Originated in the Far East, the original purpose was to be able to fish past the breakers from shore. 

These days, it allows fishing guides to offer their guests a truly unique experience. 

Since the line is attached to a kite, the lure and bait dance in the water, attracting many fish species.

Bird Watching

Near the Venice Marina, a wide area of marshland often lets birders find Lesser Black-backed gulls and other seagulls. Sometimes, visitors can see these birds crossing the road in large groups. The best time to visit for bird watching for nature’s fish finders is in the winter months. 

Near the Empire area, many open land areas and fields offer excellent sighting opportunities for hawks and swallows. Other birds you may find in the area are:

  • Shorebirds
  • Gull
  • White-winged Dove
  • Groove-billed Ani
  • Heron
  • Ibis
  • Osprey
  • Anhinga
  • Gallinule
  • Black-bellied Whistling Duck
  • Frigate
  • Chuck-Wills Widow (northern Venice and Empire bridge areas)
  • Horned & Barn Owls
  • Vermilion Flycatcher


A beautiful way to explore this area of Louisiana is by small watercraft like kayaks. Boaters can take their time wafting down the Mississippi River and seeing the area from the water’s edge. This avenue gives tourists the chance to explore Venice from a different vantage point. For the adventurous, kayak fishing is a great experience.

Helicopter Tours

Do you want to experience Louisiana in an elaborate fashion? A helicopter tour is an awesome way to see the Gulf, the River, and the edge of Louisiana. Riders can spot migrating fish and birds as well as viewing the various land types and habitats in an uncommon manner.

Climate Information

Any time of year is an excellent time to visit the community. Its highs typically don’t dip below the 60s in the coldest months. Since the area is surrounded on three sides with water, there’s always humidity and rainfall. 

Most months, the community receives at least four inches of rain. It rains an average of just over 100 days per year with tons of sunlight the rest of the time. And don’t worry about snow, because that doesn’t happen here.

Venice Food & Nightlife

After a long day of fishing and outdoor fun, you’ll be ready for a bite and an ice cold beer. Here are a couple of places you have to check out while you’re in town.

Cypress Grill

Cypress Grill has a nice little party deck outside the bar and restaurant. It sits right on the water and affords guests a lovely sunset view each evening. From stew to oysters, this Cajun restaurant offers a variety of dishes using the fresh catch of the day.

The Den Lounge

The Den Lounge is a fun place to grab a cold one and shoot a game of pool with friends. This bustling bar has several televisions and hosts festive Mardi Gras celebrations each year. 

Stop by on a Saturday night to watch those Fightin’ Tigers of LSU under the lights. Or pass by around noon on Sunday to see the Saints go marching in! GEAUX TIGERS & WHO DAT!!!

Call Me!

In my years navigating the waters of Venice, I’ve come to realize that every fishing trip tells a unique story. Whether it’s the chase of Yellowfin Tuna or the serene moments waiting for that Speckled Trout, these waters don’t disappoint.

If you’re seeking an authentic, unforgettable fishing experience in Venice, join me on one of our fishing charters. I promise you a journey filled with fun, excitement, and a bountiful catch. Don’t let another year pass by. Come and write your own fishing story with me, Captain Troy

Are you ready for the adventure?