Swordfish – The Bite is On…


Fishing out of Venice, Louisiana for Swordfish during the day is no easy task. If you want to land a Swordfish, it would be wise to go fishing with a professional fishing charter that knows how to catch them.

There are specific ways to bait a hook and to get the perfect bait to the depths of 1,100 to 1,600 feet, as Swordfish can be found at the bottom of natural canyons and mounds, specifically  in transition areas between the ledge and shelf. Charter Boat Captains use topography graphs to find the best locations to fish for Swordfish, and Swordfish can be found as near as 20 miles offshore from Venice.


Get Ready To Catch Swordfish

Swordfish Day Charters from Venice are now extremely popular because they make for an action-packed day on the water! And Swordfish have been hitting the docks daily.


Bait and Rig to Use

Squid is the preferred bait to use when fishing for Swordfish.  You will need to “stitch it up and put a skirt on it”. Lay out a few squid to find the perfect one. Prior to cutting a squid, lay the hook on top of the bait so that you know exactly where you need to cut it to best hide the hook.

Once you have selected the perfect bait, cut a 1/4″ slit in it and feed the circle head of the J-hook through the inside of the bait. Note, the J hook should already be attached to a 3-6′ fluorocarbon leader line, 200-400 lb test. Use a waxline needle, thread it, and stitch up & close the slit, passing the line through the eye of the hook.

Also, make sure the head is stitched and attached properly so that it does not fall off. Then add a skirt, which come in various colors. The skirt will help bury and hide the hook even more and make the bait more attractive. The goal is to hide the hook, and make the squid look and swim in the water like a live squid does. Once you have properly prepared and rigged your bait, hold