That “Shark Week is Over” Feeling

Shark lovers and haters alike have finally emerged from their homes as the 2017 Shark Week on Discovery Channel has sadly, come to the end.  They teased us with Episode 1 “Sharktacular 2017” on July 07, 2017, forty-one minutes of television utopia.  One more tease a week later, then  July 23, 2017  began the week of various excuses for missed social events, shark tales around the water cooler, and more than enough Shark Memes to go around.  Social Media was all a buzz.  

This year, love him or hate him, Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps tested his speed against a great white.  It is not a surprise that many viewers were pulling for the shark! (Just kidding Mikey).  No matter the emptiness that we are left with until next year, 2017 Shark Week is really over and  many of us loyal “fin-fan’s” have to find a way to cope with the loss.


Better Than Tuning In, Could It Be?