Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna


Fishing for Yellowfin Tuna is quite an experience.  With the fish reaching monstrous sizes (over 900 pounds) catching a huge tuna is the thrill of a lifetime.  Because the big fish live in deep waters, many fishermen looking for adventure take a Fishing Charter out into the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  The Gulf is a huge body of water – you NEED to know where and how to catch the trophy fish.

There are two great places to find huge yellowfin in the Gulf of Mexico. Here they are with a few tips mixed in for good measure.


Fish Near the Oil Rigs

The oil rigs that dot the Gulf can spoil fishermen with their bounty of yellowfin, blue marlin, blackfin, and beautiful days. Don’t expect to get a blue marlin every trip. Instead, focus on a few things to make the process better for yourself and the crew.  


Not All Oil Rigs are Equal.