Looking for a great new summer getaway? One of the best ways to spend time during the summer season is to charter a Louisiana Gulf coast fishing trip. The Gulf Coast is the place to find some of the world’s tastiest deep water specimens. One of them is the legendary Mahi Mahi, also known as the Dolphinfish.  All of this can be done from Venice LA, the epicenter of Louisiana fishing

Where Can the Mahi Mahi Be Found?

The Mahi Mahi can be found in great abundance off the Gulf Coast shore of the state of Louisiana. It is one of the most common, as well as widely sought after, sporting and dining fish in the region. Luckily for anglers, it is so common that there is no need for the state to impose any kind of bag limit.

Mahi Mahi tend to congregate in schools, although some specimens do have spells of solitary travel. This is especially true of bulls during the off-season. They prefer to swim in deeper waters, although some can be found in somewhat shallower areas near to the land. In general, this is a very angler-friendly sporting fish.


How Much Does a Mahi Mahi Weigh?

Most specimens of Mahi Mahi that you come across will tend to weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. This is the average size of this species. However, there are some very weighty exceptions. Large alpha males, commonly known as bulls, may reach a weight of up to 60 or even 70 pounds. Although they are the exception, they are common enough to hook.

Of course, the bigger the fish you have on your line, the more effort you will need to make in order to safely reel it in. Since most Mahi Mahi are quite small, they are an excellent target for beginning and medium skill level anglers. Of course, it’s a good idea to have an expert charter boat crew on hand to help you with the big bull males.


There is No Bag Limit for the Mahi Mahi

As mentioned above, there is no official state or Federal bag limit for the Mahi Mahi. This means that you are free to catch as many as you like for as long as you care to stay out on the water. Depending on the time of year that you charter your fishing trip, other state or federal laws may apply to this and other sporting fish.


How to Catch the Mahi Mahi

Unlike many other fish in the gulf such as red snapper, Mahi Mahi are one of the easiest fish to catch in the Louisiana Gulf Coast. They respond quickly and with a great deal of enthusiasm to common baits. These can include trolling live baits, skirted baits, and naked ballyhoo. Once you have their attention, you will be amazed at the level of response that you receive.

The best time to catch the Mahi Mahi is during the spring months up until June. However, there are also select times during other times of the year when a charter fishing trip can turn up plenty of live specimens to bring home to your dinner table. But, in general, spring and very early summer is the best time to fish for them.

Since the number of Mahi Mahi in the Louisiana Gulf Coast is so large, there is no real need to feel guilty if you begin to reel them in huge numbers. This is a very common occurrence on Louisiana Gulf Coast charter fishing trips. The crew of your charter boat will do all they can to assist you to reel in as many as you desire.


The Mahi Mahi is a Great Addition to Your Table

The Mahi Mahi is renowned all over the world as one of the most delicious examples of prime seafood. Anglers who catch their share of this delicious fish are always in a hurry to get straight back to the land. Once you have tasted the Mahi Mahi for yourself, you will quickly come to see why this is so.

Mahi Mahi is best cooked on the grill. There are plenty of delicious and very easy recipes that you can find on the web. The captain and crew of your Louisiana Gulf Coast charter fishing boat will also be glad to give you first-class suggestions for cooking this tasty fish. They have a light, aromatic taste that is very pleasing.


Charter Your Louisiana Charter Boat Fishing Trip Today

The time for you to charter your Louisiana Gulf Coast fishing trip is now. Spring is upon us and the Mahi Mahi is schooling in great numbers during the spring season. If you are ready to get out on the water and have the time of your life, this is your chance. Get in touch with us today to charter your Gulf Coast fishing trip today.