Louisiana Gulf Coast And The Fishing It Offers

With over 3,000 miles of coastline, Louisiana’s waters are naturally teeming with fish. The state also has one of the most generous catch limits in the nation, which adds to its appeal as a sport fishing destination.

Perhaps best of all is that there is no one “season” for deep sea fishing in Louisiana. The mild climate makes fishing possible throughout the year, even during the coldest days of winter!

You can look forward to possibly catching many types of fish on a Louisiana charter fishing expedition, including lemon fish, grouper, mackerel, yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, red snapper, speckled trout, and cobia. Whether you’re planning a one-day adventure or a multi-day excursion fishing in the Gulf, you won’t come back home empty-handed.

Fishing Through The Seasons

The types of fish you’ll find when Louisiana offshore fishing is largely influenced by the seasons. From January through March, the coastal waters are filled with large wahoo and yellowfin tuna. These species tend to be closer to the shoreline at this time of year, as they gravitate to the warmer waters in the shallows.

You may be able to fish for both species less than 20 miles offshore. Other species of fish that appear this time of year are redfish and speckled trout. They are normally found along the entire coastline.

If you’re looking to catch prize-winning speckled trout, consider planning your trip during mid-late spring. This is the species’ spawning season, and it is also historically the time of year when fishermen report the largest speckled trout catches. Redfish also start to appear in April, and they are relatively abundant through June.

With the arrival of more fish through spring, summer is a prime time to take a Louisiana charter fishing trip. The longer days of summer also means that this season has the longest window of time for fishing.

The warmer air and water temperatures invite dozens of species, which makes the coastline prime real estate for big fish. Yellowfin tuna, amberjack, red snapper, cobia, and mangrove snapper are just several species that reside in the coastal waters during summer.

A real treat, however, is Blue Marl