All About Fishing

Louisiana is made up of more than 65 fresh bodies of water and that’s not including the numerous rivers, lakes,creeks,bayous and of course… the mighty Gulf of Mexico. Needless to say, you don’t have to travel very far to enjoy a day of fishing in Louisiana.

Saltwater Fishing in Louisiana

Saltwater fishing in Louisiana is predominately done out of the southernmost tip of the state where the land interfaces with the Gulf of

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Mexico.  Although we do see other areas of fishing in LA in brackish waters such as Lake Pontchartrain, most people wanting to catch large, trophy fish go out of Venice LA.  For those people, a Louisiana offshore fishing charter is the only thing to scratch the itch.

One of the most exciting fishing trips you can take is to take a fishing charter out of Venice.  With highly experienced fishing captains, you are all but guaranteed to catch some huge tuna and other trophy fish.  Many non-fishermen fall in love with the sport after a charter trip.

With New Orleans being one of the most traveled to cities in the US, many people travel from New Orleans to Venice to book their fishing charter.  With overnight fishing trips and lodging available, the entire southern tip of Louisiana feeds off of tourist and fishermen looking to take advantage of the great fishing in Gulf of Mexico.

Catching Yellowfin Tuna

One of the most sought-after trophy fish in the world is in ready supply in the Gulf.  Yellowfin Tuna, sometimes called ahi, can grow to be over 300 pounds and provide the fight of your life once you get one on the hook.  Yellowfin tuna travel in schools with other large fish. They sometimes school with other tuna species and other varieties of smaller fish.  Since the charter boat captains go out on a daily basis, they know exactly where to go to make sure you have the best chances of catching one of these monster fish.


Freshwater Fishing

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Tess Boudreaux Breau

In just about every one of these fresh bodies of water fisherman might catch some largemouth bass, several different types of sunfish, two different crappie species and three types of catfish. Not to name all the other types of creatures that may cross a fisherman’s line.

Rivers are to thank for making up Louisiana’s waterways. From the Mississippi River, which harbors some of the biggest catfish in North America. To the Red River which flows 250 miles down across Northwest and Central Louisiana and harbors lunker bass exceeding more than ten pounds.

Rivers of Louisiana

There is also the Pearl River which makes up 119 mile down the border of Louisiana and the state of Mississippi, before entering into marshes near Lake Borgne.

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