No Motor, No Problem

Let’s just admit it, we have all been surprised by the number of fishermen & fisherwomen that are launching these things that look a lot like a plastic, floating coffins, the Kayak. Most days, you can hear the guys in the decked-out fishing boats chuckle a little as they pass these human-powered vessels. Now, as surprised as we are when we pass them at the launch, we find ourselves even more surprised when we return to the launch “limitless” as they are cleaning their days catch.  The secret is OUT!


The Fish Agree

The kayak angler will have the advantage over the boats costing over tens of thousands of dollars, just in the stealth approach to the fish alone.  The kayak is quieter and does not create the ripple a boat does that can cause the bite to turn off, until the water settles back down.  Kayaks are perfect for fishing the marshes and bayous. The ability to paddle into the shallow waters of the marsh that is home to huge numbers of game fish is giving these kayak fisherman the upper hand in south Louisiana.  

Most cannot bring themselves to fish that 24ft Skeeter near the launch, it just must be run for miles, using lots of expensive fuel to find fish. It just seems “right”, it is what we have always done.  Well, the fish do not know where the boat launch is in the marsh, and by the winning game fish being caught by these Kayak anglers, we may be cruising right on past the best catch of the day.  Needless to say, you wont be catching yellowfin tuna, from a fishing charter in the gulf,  but this is a different experience. 


It Just Cannot Be Comfortable, Right?