catch huge yellowfin tuna

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna are our specialty! We fish and CATCH Yellowfin Tuna year-round within 60 miles of the marina, and sometimes just a few miles of the coast! We apply different fishing techniques including trolling, chunking and live bait. Yellowfin Tuna have the size and we catch the numbers! In the Winter months of February & March as well as our Fall months of September & October, we can catch big Yellowfin Tuna. Each angler is allowed up to 3 Yellowfin Tuna, 27″ and over, per charter. (Year Round)

barracuda caught from charter fishing


We fish Wahoo year round using various fishing techniques including trolling with baits that go down 30′. Built like a torpedo, Wahoo are known for their speed (in excess of 60mph) and high quality meat! Hawaiians refer to them as “ono” which means “good to eat”. Wahoo put up an intense fight which makes them super exciting to catch! Wahoo can exceed 100 pounds and February & March are the best months to catch a big one! (Seasonal)

catch trophy fish in the gulf


Mahi- Mahi, also known as Dorado or Dolphin (not related to the mammal dolphins), are swift and acrobatic with striking colors, which makes them exciting to catch. Their sides are golden with iridescent greens & blues, and their bellies are white & yellow. Their colors can change rapidly, excited fish “light up”, and dying mahi-mahi often turn silvery over-all with blue spots on the flanks, darkening when they die. The best technique to catch Mahi-Mahi is trolling, but we do use other techniques as well. We fish Mahi-Mahi in the Summer months, and there is no limit. (Seasonal)

catching big fish from charter boat

Red Snapper

Red Snapper is one of the most abundant fish found in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. They are gregarious and form large schools (usually made up of fish of very similar size) around rigs, wrecks, & reefs. Red Snapper commonly inhabit waters from 30′ to 300′, usually staying relatively close to the bottom that is why we use live or cut bait on a weighted line to catch them. Each angler is allowed 2 Red Snapper per charter. (Seasonal: June 1 to July 15 in Federal Waters)

huge fish caught charter fishing in the gulf


Warsaw Grouper, also known as Black Grouper, are deep-water fish that inhabit rigs, wrecks, & reefs in waters 180 to 1700 ft deep. and have 10 dorsal spines. Warsaw Grouper can very well exceed 8 ft in length and weigh over 500 lbs. We fish Warsaw Grouper with live bait (their preference), cut bait, and jigs at the rigs on the bottom, in depths no less than 200 ft. Limit 1 per boat. (Seasonal)

Gag Grouper, which is a drab mottled-gray fish with box-shaped spots that resemble the Warsaw Grouper , are warm water. Gag Grouper are bottomfeeders too, so we use the same fishing techniques as when we are fishing Warsaw. This is a desired fish by anglers because of its flaky white meat, which is quite delicious. 22″ or over are keepers, and usually they average 10 to 20 lbs. (Seasonal: July 1- December 2; subject to early closure)

Scamp Grouper, also known as Brown Grouper, is a deep tan or chocolate brown in color, with numerous darker markings that form dots, lines, or groups of lines. Like the Gag Grouper, Scamp Grouper meat is white in color and sweet in taste. We fish Scamp Grouper by using live hardtails and jigs to catch them. 16″ or better and limit 4 per person (Seasonal: April 1- December 31).
shark caught in Gulf charter fishing

Mako Sharks

Mako Sharks are the fastest of all species of sharks in the world, swimming at a top speed of 60 miles per hour when migrating or hunting for food and generally swimming at a speed of about 35 miles an hour on a regular basis. Because of their speed and strength, anglers need a great deal of patience and skill to land a Mako Shark. We fish Mako Shark in the Winter months while chunking using big hunks of meat on drifting line to target them.

big fish caught from charter boat out of venice la


Amberjack are voracious predators that forage over rigs, reefs and wrecks in small groups and can weigh more than 150 pounds. Amberjack challenge anglers as they provide a great fight! We use similar techniques to catch Amberjack as we do Red Snapper. Anglers are allowed 1 Amberjack per person. (Seasonal: January 1-May 31; August 1- December 31; subject to early closure)

limit out charter fishing

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin Tuna are the smallest tuna species, generally growing to a maximum of 39 inches in length and weighing up to 46 lbs (top row in picture). Blackfin Tuna hunt both surface and deeper water fish & squid, and they also eat shrimp & crabs. Blackfin tuna are a warmer-water fish so we fish them year round. What they lack in size, Blackfin Tuna make up for in numbers and willingness to bite. (Year Round)


Cobia (also called lemonfish) is a pelagic fish that is normally solitary except for annual spawning aggregations, and sometimes they will congregate at rigs, reefs, buoys, & wrecks, and other structures. Cobia are a very curious fish, showing little fear of boats. We fish Cobia in the Winter months by the small oil rigs, using various techniques with the best being jigging. Cobia are a joy to catch and offer great meat to eat! (Year Round)

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin are the largest and fastest of the Atlantic marlins & one of the biggest fish in the world with females being significantly larger than males. (Females can weigh more than 1900lbs while males average 200-400lbs.) Blue Marlin, which are a highly migratory fish that follow warm ocean currents for hundreds, even thousands of miles, are cobalt blue on top & a silvery-white below and have a pronounced dorsal fin and a long, lethal, spear-shaped upper jaw. We fish Blue Marlin in the warmer months using live bait or trolling, and they put up a tremendous fight when hooked! (Seasonal: catch & release only)

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