Catching Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are well known for their physical beauty and powerful swimming, however, the similar appearance across the different varieties of tunas can lead to some confusion over identification. The bluefin, albacore, yellowfin, and bigeye tuna are all football shaped and have a streamline body with shimmers of silver on their sides and darker colorations by their dorsal. The yellowfin has a dark blue dorsal surface while it can appear brownish in the water. True to their name, the yellowfin tuna have yellow in their fins and a shiny, golden yellow along their sides but coloration alone won’t allow you to correctly identify the different species of tuna. A key feature to identify a yellowfin tuna is the length of their pectoral fins. Each species has a particular “design” to their pectoral fins that identifies them: The yellowfin’s pectoral fin reaches the beginning of their second dorsal fin while the albacore pectoral fin always goes beyond the start of the second dorsal and the bluefin pectoral fin never reaches the second dorsal fin. The combination of color and pectoral fin size should give you a clear identification in most cases.

Size of the Yellowfin

Yellowfin tuna grow faster than the bluefin tuna, but do not reach the large size of their giant cousin. The largest