There are many species of wild tuna to be found all over the world. Some of the finest and most desirable species, including the world famous Yellowfin, can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether you are a beginning angler or an accomplished expert, the waters off the coast of Louisiana are filled with some of the finest specimens of Yellowfin on Earth.


Where Can the Yellowfin Most Commonly Be Found?

Yellowfin are found in waters all over the planet, with separate Atlantic and Pacific groups among the most common. The Yellowfin can be found everywhere from the Aegean Sea filtering into the Mediterranean to the Hawaiian islands to just off the coast of the Maldives. Their range is one of the largest and widest of all tuna.


Many people believe that the best quality of Yellowfin can be found in the Gulf waters just off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. These waters are brimming with Yellowfin, especially in the spring months that constitute the animal’s spawning season. The Louisiana Gulf is easy to reach, easy to navigate, and home to countless specimens