Three Gifts of Guidance

Devoted anglers and Charter Fishing Captains heading out of Venice, Louisiana know that there is more to catching their daily limit, then the size of their “Fish Finder”.   Charter Fishing Captains & Crew will avoid the areas where the vast amounts of boats will cluster up and rely on an age-old technique; nature as their guide.

Nature has always and will always, provide the best three approaches to fishing the Gulf of Mexico. The experienced angler knows that success in landing those fat Speckled Trout, is knowing what to look for. Along with weather, water temperature and tide, Venice, LA Charter Captains keep their eyes, ears and nose open.

That Sheen & What it Means

Often, the surface of the water in the Gulf of Mexico is covered in areas, with an oily “sheen” .  During the warm summer months, they are easy to spot on an inshore or offshore fishing trip. Mid-Summer Charters leaving the Venice Marina can expect the warm coastal waters to be chock full of bait fish. These bait fish bring the predator fish, like the highly coveted Speckled Trout.  The nutrient dense environment provides a colossal grouping of shrimp, Croaker, mullet, and menhaden. The Speckled Trout just cannot resist and as they ravish these bait fish, they regurgitate their meal.

This “sheen” is the result of the regurgitation.  Often confused with an oil spill, or an adverse environmental occurrence, by the unknowing angler, it is quite the opposite.  Often referred to as a “feeding slick”, this “sheen” is anything but adverse.  It is a welcome sight when chasing those Fat Speck’s.

Hey, You Smell That?

Have you ever smelled a faint scent of watermelon while on a guided fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico?  The “sheen” that is produced by the regurgitation of the fish will have a slight watermelon scent. Often that be the first sign of a “feeding slick” ahead.  A welcome scent when Venice Fishing Charters are out hunting the perfect spot for their clients to experience the best that Louisiana fishing has to offer.

The watermelon scent in the air, accompanied with the sheen of a feeding slick, is a sure bet those Fat Specks are just a cast away from becoming dinner.  When you hit one of these spots, the Specks will hit aggressively.  These conditions will support just about any plastic you toss their way.

That “Other” Sheen That Can Be Seen

A “current slick” is another one of the tricks the ole Salty Anglers rely on.  Beneath the surface of the shallow bays and passes in the waters of South Louisiana, lies a grid of deeper channels that have been carved out over time. The bait fish will cluster up there in the slower moving current and become “lazy” of sorts. This makes them easy prey for Specks to feed on.

Current Slicks, like Feeding Slicks jump around.  Spot the slick, anchor outside and cast right into the middle.  The Specks will be there, feeding aggressively.  This slick is even more dependable when coupled with the other Guidance Gift of Nature…..The Birds.

catching yellowfin tuna in the gulf of mexico

The Bird Approach

Another age old, sure fire way to locate Specks, is to watch the birds.  While fishing the Gulf of Mexico, several bird species can be spotted. The most reliable of them all is the big Gulf Gulls.  Charter Fishing Captains in Venice, LA know, if the birds are diving, the Specks are biting.

The birds are diving for the bait fish, which the Specks are chasing.  The birds you see sitting on the water, are either right on top of the fish, or waiting for the fish they know are going to come & chase the bait up.  So, the term “bird-brain” does not seem like such of an insult, does it?

Captain Troy Wetzel & Crew are ready, so come on down to Venice, LA and pay close attention to the different slicks, scents, and diving birds as you reel in those fat gulf Specks that South Louisiana waters are famous for.

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