This time of year, anglers enjoy fishing the Rip Line outside of Venice, Louisiana, in the Gulf of Mexico. The Rip should produce action-packed fishing now through August.  Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, usually larger in size, Blue Marlin, and Mahi Mahi can be caught when fishing the grass mats. Mahi Mahi should be showing up any day.

The “Go To” Rig to Catch Yellowfin Tuna


A good bait to use is a Blue & White Islander with balyhoo.  This is a common “go to” bait.

Tuna Fishing Rigs

There is a proper technique to rig a balyhoo with a pin rig. First you should line up the rig with the balyhoo to determine where the hook should come out so that you can properly mark it.

The pin should line up to come out of the head of the balyhoo through the lower and upper jaw and the hook out of its belly. Make a small hole where the hook should come out. Open the gills of the balyhoo and feed your hook through it, bending the balyhoo around the hook, working the tip of the hook down the spot you made the small hole, and feed it through. Pull it back to get the weight inside the gill plate so that the weight is hidden.

Next, push the pin in place through the upper jaw. Now you need to secure the rig in place. You may cut off the bill and take the rubberband, placing it over the pin and wrapping it around the balyhoo jaws and rig several times, and once tight, over the pin once more. The rig is now secure and in place. Then trim the excess tip off of the pin. Now you are ready to slide an Islander over it when ready.


When trolling down the Rip and the Mahi Mahi are under the grass mat and the lures are not being effective, chum, which will bring the Maki up to the boat. Always have a spinning rod with a naked balyhoo ready to go so you cast it at the right time.

Another good technique to catch Mahi Mahi is if you hook a small one and have it on the line, leave it in the water swimming. And the rest of the school will come around it.

Offshore Fishing Trips

If you are looking to catch the huge fish out of Venice – Captain Troy can insure that your next charter fishing trip you end up with not only the huge fish that you expect, but have fun doing it!